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For many years, the use of robots in production was an image you encountered in particular in the automotive industry. Behind high fences, giant robot arms assembled heavy bodyparts. But robots have changed... Read on
Seamless automation from indoor to outdoor: For the intralogistics of the future, Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and SICK are collaborating on a platform solution for a modular indoor/outdoor vehicle... Read on
GO BEYOND: DISCOVERY #20. Artificial intelligence with deep learning software from SICK: At the Nestlé production site in Osthofen, a 2D snapshot camera in conjunction with the integrated SICK software... Read on
SICK safety has been successfully integrated into a new range of innovative robotic flexible manufacturing cells developed by Mills CNC in a myth-busting project that presents a masterclass in safety through... Read on
Following the publication of IEC61800-5-3 in late February 2021, there now exists for the first time ever a product-specific standard for safety encoders. The safe AFS/AFM60S Pro absolute encoder was the... Read on
When Aztro reached out to long-time partner SICK about line detection issues a client was facing, SICK took the opportunity to introduce a new sensor with capabilities the market had been asking for... Read on
In the future, automation with industrial robots will also be getting more interesting for smaller companies. Because fruitcore robotics, based in the German city of Constance, has developed the HORST... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #19 Realize the full potential of intelligent sensors: Applications for which it was previously very difficult to achieve consistently robust and repeatable quality inspections... Read on
The automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Steering Machines significantly increase productivity in industrial environments –thanks to the help of SICK sensor solutions... Read on
Applying labels to pallets in conventional logistics centers is a mundane, time-consuming manual task, not entirely without risk. Forklift operators must exit their cabs to label and scan every single... Read on
Swift, accurate handling of cartons, such as depalletizing and picking, has become even more crucial in these pandemic-stricken times. Amid global lockdowns, the logistics industry is burgeoning as the... Read on
More and more, autonomous robots are shaping our everyday lives and routines. They mow lawns, vacuum living rooms and clean windows, and can even do this non-stop if needed. But what MetraLabs has in its... Read on
Quality assurance through programmed imaging: The Schwabach company RIBE Anlagentechnik develops innovative assembly systems, including inspection systems, for bumpers. SICK´s machine vision helps... Read on
Electricity from renewable sources is subject to strong fluctuations and cannot be stored. The solution is a “workaround”: Green power can be used to create hydrogen which is transported and... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #18 Decentralized decision-making, autonomous execution: IO-Link opens up the possibility for utilizing the functionality of intelligent sensors for automation in an easy and... Read on
With ever-changing healthcare regulations, the clinical diagnostics industry and its suppliers must be ready to jump through exacting hoops. Around the world there are numerous certification standards,... Read on
Rarely has a gap filler been so innovative: Robotics company Magazino developed the new SOTO, a supply chain robot for those in-between areas of production that have not been automated until now. Together... Read on
Cleanrooms in semiconductor manufacturing are clearly their domain: robots are the order of the day here in all their various guises. Track-guided, stationary or mobile, they assist with production and... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #17 Logistics processes in warehouses and production are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the demands on process quality and productivity remain high. Asset localization... Read on
The quiet time of the year starts now. Sure?... Read on
In 75 years, SICK has grown from a small southern German company to a global player with more than 10,000 employees. How can SICK maintain the balance between the global network and its local nodes? What... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #16 Serialization codes are used in incoming and outgoing goods to check and comply with legal requirements. Such requirements vary from country to country - in the EU, for example,... Read on
In an intensive joint development process, SICK and its customer Syntegon Technology successfully designed the ideal light grid for the demanding sterile processes in the pharmaceutical industry. When... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #15 New fields of application, new sensor solutions: The digital transformation of industry presents us with new challenges every day. In the development of concept sensors, customers... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 497