A great place to work

a great place to work
a great place to work

We are well aware of our responsibility to be a reliable employer, which is why the way we deal with human resources is so important to us. We take our employees' preferences seriously and respond flexibly to their diverse levels of qualification, experience, and requirements. After all, this is something that the best, most experienced specialists and managers are only too aware of when deciding where to work.

Apprenticeships and advanced training

At SICK, we offer individual staff development opportunities as well as certified apprenticeships and training courses to maintain our level of expertise in the future. We also offer secure positions of employment in a pleasant, family-friendly environment.

Employees and applicants alike can expect to work for a company whose corporate culture is characterized by a genuine passion for innovation, and where career development and quality of life do not have to be mutually exclusive.

We are regularly ranked among the top companies in the “Great Place to Work®“ competition, which just goes to show how much people love to be a part of our company.

Health promotion and support for families

SICK offers its employees a comprehensive range of health promotion opportunities as well as flexible working patterns to promote a healthy balance between work and family life.