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Dec 3, 2019

SICK Austria is responsible for serving customers in 15 countries. Most of the countries are in Eastern Europe. Besides the headquarters in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, there a four more subsidiaries, in the countries Greece, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. Most of the customers know SICK Austria, but this way we want to introduce you our sub-companies. We start with SICK Slovenia, the first subsidiary, which became part of to the family in 2004.

Question: Which regions serves SICK Slovenia?

Ales Naglic, Country Manager SICK Slovenia: SICK Slovenia is responsible for seven countries. The focus of our activities is directed to our biggest market in Slovenia, where we directly support over 1.000 customers. In Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania our sales network is organized through distributors and system integrators. 

Question: How many employees has SICK Slovenia?

Naglic: Currently our teams includes 10 people. Nine are full-time employees, but we also employ one student, who energetically supports the whole team.

Question: What means service for SICK Slovenia?

Naglic: I want to point out two important things about service. First, the obvious one is that service opens up new opportunities with our existing customers on the market for us. Second is, that having service as part of our range, increases our value in the eyes of our customers. To perform service satisfaction, our people need more than pure product knowledge; they need knowledge about the processes and technologies themselves. Considering that, customers in sectors like industrial automation are searching for trusted partners of whom they know, will fulfil their service needs. With the earned thrust of our customers, we become a preferred partner in the service sector.

Question: What achievements of the last years make you proud of SICK Slovenia?

Naglic: Many things make me proud of SICK Slovenia. Not only are last year’s numbers inspiring, but so are our employees. Behind SICK Slovenia are employees with a high degree of professional knowledge of various sensor technologies. Our costumers recognize the potential of our team and that makes me proud. We gained trust on the market this way, so that we are seen as reliable as well as competent experts. A circumstance that not only is recognized by our customers, but as well on the inside world of SICK, they also see us as reliable and competent. It was our goal to achieve this competence and trust with our partners, customers and colleagues alike. In the future, we want to continue working on it, because only by constantly learning together can we continue to improve.

Question: How does SICK Slovenia motivates its employees?

Naglic: We are team of highly educated experts who are reliable and we feel good with what we are doing. For me that is the key to our success. When you have such a team, you can give them responsibility and freedom of selecting on their own in matters like, how to handle every day challenges. We set the frame and within it, they have the chance to use their knowledge to make reliable decisions based on it. By giving them room to act accordingly to their level of knowledge, we give them the recognition they deserve for their expertise. I believe a justified trust of managers in their employee’s is the best motivator for employees. 

Of course, we do not forget to have some fun. Team building for us means some sport plus good lunch. We also celebrate special events that happen to our employees, like becoming a parent …

Question: What team building events have been realized 2019?

Naglic: We had sport activities at a skiing center at beginning of the year and a hiking trip before the summer. In December we plan to combine our planned Christmas party with some outdoor activities and hope there will be snow.

Question: If you have to summarize SICK Slovenia in one word, which word would you choose and why?

Naglic: Reliability! 

We are a sales organization and our goal is clear, we have to deliver sales results. I strongly believe that in our business the key to success is reliability. When our customers recognize us as a reliable partner, we will do the sale. A stabile and reliable team is the foundation for success on the market. Last year’s development is showing that we are on a good way.

SICK Sensor Blog
SICK Sensor Blog

Ales Naglic

Country Manager Slovenia

Ales Naglic has been with SICK Slovenia since 2016. In his position as Country Manager at SICK Slovenia, he and his team are responsible for the entire sales of products, systems and services in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

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