Cement plant in the desert is equipped with SICK sensors

Oct 16, 2014

Gas analysis, dust monitoring, flow measurement meet all requirements. High availability of CEMS measurement for exact reporting in a remote desert location in Chile. SICK realizes a multi-component emission system for Cementos Bío Bío.Zementwerk_Cementos_600


Reliability at its best

In the cement plant Cementos Bío Bío, also producing lime, the emission of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), dust concentration and gas flow in the stack has to be measured. The measurement results in mg/m3, normalized and in reference to the oxygen concentration, have to be reported to the local authority. The availability of the measured values has to be at least 95%. The plant is located in a desert region of Chile, so the ambient conditions, the conditions in the stack gas and the remote location of the installation were the major challenges for a reliable measurement system. And of course the cost pressure on the end user. Due to the remote location, it was not possible for the customer to deal with several partners for the different equipments, maintenance, calibration and reportings.    


All-inclusive emission monitoring

DusthunterA CEM system from SICK with low maintenance effort and remote access via Internet was especially designed for such hard circumstances like these ones. This system is based on gas analyzers with high long-term stability and automatic adjustment using ambient air, flow measurement devices without purge air - although the temperatures in the stack are around 200 °C - as well as a reliable dust monitor. All devices meet the requirements of the local EPA regulations. The measurement data is processed in a central analyzing system and the results are transferred to the authority via Internet. Also the parameterization of the devices and alarming the maintenance staff can be made via remote access. All the different instrument control functions are integrated in one air-conditioned CEM analyzing system in an air-conditioned shelter. The system also includes the processor for normalization and the Internet gateway.  


Sure to be sure

Zementwerk_Cementos_Gasanalyse With this integrated CEMS, Cementos Bío Bío gets a cost-effective and low-maintenance system with high measurement availability designed according to local EPA regulations. The measurement stability of the chosen instruments has a direct impact on lower calibration costs and longer maintenance and calibration intervals. The modular concept with centralized communication for all sub-systems in the CEMS cabinet with Internet access allows for remote maintenance and parameterization by a third party company which releases the plant personal of these inconvenient tasks.