Blue light LED: The ideal solution to detect high light-absorbing objects

May 11, 2016

The ultra-mini WTB2S-2 Blue miniature photoelectric sensor takes over when conventional red-light sensors reach their limits. It can be relied upon to detect even high light-absorbing objects such as dark-blue solar cells, for example. An ultra-compact design with the performance of large photoelectric proximity sensors offers new space-saving machine construction possibilities.   W2-Blue_E_S


The W2S-2 is the first subminiature sensor with a powerful PinPoint 2.0 LED
W2-Blue_and-W2S-2To detect the deepest of blacks, the primary requirement is a significant amount of light. Therefore, the W2S-2 product family is equipped with the latest generation PinPoint 2.0 LEDs. It emits approximately 2.5 times more light than the first-generation PinPoint LED. As a result, capabilities go beyond detecting ultra-black objects. They guarantee the rugged and reliable detection of objects of all types. The benefits are:      

  • Rugged detection of ultra-black reflective objects
  • Reliable detection of objects that are tilted, angled and of various shapes (work pieces, screw heads, springs, and plastic parts, for example)
  • Cost-effective and smart design options, since in many cases there is no longer a need for fiber-optic photoelectric sensors and photoelectric retro-reflective sensors or through-beam photoelectric sensors
  • First subminiature sensor that can be configured and read out electronically from the control
  • First subminiature sensor that can take over control tasks with Smart Sensor Solutions