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Explore our latest innovations and discover SICK's success stories as one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications. The SICK Sensor Blog helps its readers stay up to date on the latest advances in automation, ranging from production plants to processes and logistics systems. It’s time to lift the veil on the world of digital transformation.

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Hermes Schleifmittel in Bad St. Leonhard in the Carinthian region of Austria produces precision abrasives for industry. As a solvent processing company, exhaust gas purification is very important to them... Read on
Process quality tripled, process speed doubled – this is how the Swiss company Steinemann DPE summarizes the outcome of using the SPEETEC non-contact speed and length measurement system. Steinemann... Read on
The world is undergoing change. Digitalization is amplifying and accelerating this change in society and industry and also impacting on functional safety in the world of production. That’s why Dynamic... Read on
It’s a Friday morning in mid-January 2024. The place: the large assembly hall at the mechanical engineering company Karl Eugen Fischer GmbH in Burgkunstadt, Upper Franconia. Today, roughly... Read on
The challenges for agriculture lie in the shortage of resources and arable land, climate change, labor shortages, the increasing need for safety, reducing monotonous and strenuous tasks, and the increasing... Read on
Efficiency and safety in the material flow are gaining importance in industry. These two requirements, which often conflict with each other in industrial practice, can be met by combining safety light... Read on
The metal and mining industries contribute to roughly 8% of the global carbon footprint. The steel industry, in particular, produces enormous quantities of CO2, because up to 70% of coal and coke are burned... Read on
The digital revolution is in full swing. And it’s no wonder: Having an automated process structure – something from which even manual processes benefit – means not only significant cost... Read on
Navigating through extensive manuals and documents while configuring sensors poses a significant challenge for operators in various applications. The complexity increases as different photoelectric sensors... Read on
Optimized processes ensure smoother workflows, increase productivity and have a positive impact on a company’s success. EDEKA knows this all too well. As a representative of the food and beverage... Read on
Automating the material flow, relieving the workload of employees and simultaneously increasing efficiency, flexibility and safety: these are the goals that have been achieved by razor blade manufacturer... Read on
Krenhof Kapfenberg can look back on decades of experience as a forging competence center. The Austrian company forges for the automotive, aviation and construction industries, among others. And it does... Read on
A wind turbine is a machine as defined by the Machinery Directive and must therefore meet legal requirements for the safety of the system. This is especially important because the nacelle and rotors are... Read on
In just six months, Liebherr-Transportation Systems completely reconstructed two manufacturing lines after a fire at its Tsarimir location in Bulgaria. The lines were also significantly upgraded. From... Read on
Synthetic fuels will play a central role in air transport and ocean shipping. The combustion of these new fuels will, however, produce new emissions. The sensors from SICK reliably measure these emissions.Welcome... Read on
Orfer Oy is a leading supplier of packaging and automation systems for the food industry and is located in Finland. A 3D vision solution jointly implemented with SICK ensures that all bread rolls are correctly... Read on
The containers filled with falafel or hummus specialities whiz by at lightning speed. But how much is actually currently being produced and how much is still needed to satisfy all the incoming orders?... Read on
Every idea, every innovation, every intelligent solution has its beginning in our strong team. Together, we make the impossible possible. ... Read on
The decarbonization megatrend is causing evolutionary changes in the energy sector. Energy sources and the rate of used energy supplies are changing rapidly. We observe that existing power plants are modifying... Read on
The Photoheyler hoeing systems of the consultancy firm Planungsbüro Heinrich are revolutionizing automated weeding. They enable the specially shaped rotors on the tractor attachment to remove weeds... Read on
Generating compressed air consumes large quantities of electricity, making it one of the most expensive resources used in production. The sharp rise in energy prices seriously affects companies, including... Read on
107 young tech talents, 23 teams, 48 hours, and countless cups of coffee: SICK Solution Hackathon 2023 brought together the inventive spirit of students and start-ups from all over the world with leading... Read on
There are about 51,500 kilometers of asphalted roads in Finland. Around 8,000 kilometers of the roads were in poor condition at the end of 2022. The underlying causes of the damage can be determined with... Read on
On many machines, electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), like safety light curtains and safety laser scanners, are used as safeguards where a physical guard would be unsuitable. This could be,... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 584