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GO BEYOND. Discovery #16 Serialization codes are used in incoming and outgoing goods to check and comply with legal requirements. Such requirements vary from country to country - in the EU, for example,... Read on
In an intensive joint development process, SICK and its customer Syntegon Technology successfully designed the ideal light grid for the demanding sterile processes in the pharmaceutical industry. When... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #15 New fields of application, new sensor solutions: The digital transformation of industry presents us with new challenges every day. In the development of concept sensors, customers... Read on
Dr. Sick would be 112 years old now, and still ahead of his time – with his aspiration to do good for the world and all people by means of technical progress. We celebrate our 75-year jubilee this... Read on
For many years now the Netherlands, and in particular the Dutch province of Zeeland, have been protected against North Sea high tides by the Delta Works. The Oosterschelde barrage has been playing an especially... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #14 An old dream of mankind: predicting the future. At SICK, however, this has nothing to do with a dream. Rather, intelligent prediction models succeed with the help of the Monitoring... Read on
A bundled light beam reveals the protagonists in the dark – or presents them in the best light figuratively speaking. What works on the stages of this world offers something of a blueprint for the... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #13 SICK Solution World opened its doors for the first time in October 2021. Well-known exhibitors, pioneers and speakers, as well as anyone interested in digital transformation,... Read on
Mitsubishi Electric and SICK have been collaborating closely for a number of years and have just extended this successful cooperation: SICK is now an official partner in Mitsubishi Electric’s ... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #12 A lot of data is not used. But even existing machines and plants can be upgraded with modern sensor and communication technology. Bring your data to light with the TDC. It... Read on
It’s wobbling concerningly, but this stacking on top of one another is unavoidable due to lack of space. The automatic stacking of goods in a bulk storage area continues to pose technical challenges... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #11 Upgrading of SMEMA Eguipment made easy: "The Hermes Standard" is a modern machine-to-machine communication protocol, tailor-made for PCB assembly lines. With its... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #10 Packaging technology has the highest demands on dynamics and availability. Every avoided unscheduled downtime allows the customer to significantly save on operating costs... Read on
What began in 2015 with the Audi A8 is now standard for all production processes at Audi in Neckarsulm in Southern Germany. From body shop to delivery, all models carry a “personal ID” with... Read on
RoviMo® is the world’s first fully electric, CO2 emissions free autonomous multi-purpose robot for large green spaces. The idea for an autonomous robot vehicle for maintaining sports fields,... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #9 Safety Laser Scanner Visualization is the fastest way to visualize data from safety laser scanners. The ideal software solution for visualizing and analyzing all diagnostic... Read on
DS Smith, a worldwide leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services, needed to upgrade an end-of-line monitoring solution to automate a labor-intensive process,... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #8 Ensuring sustainability and reducing energy consumption are crucial in practically every industry. Since the company was founded 75 years ago, SICK AG has been developing sensor... Read on
More efficiency in the warehouse through automation: This is one of the requirements of customers on Jungheinrich. Using safety components from SICK, the intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich is transforming... Read on
Fabian Schmidt, Head of Digital Manufacturing at SICK, explains how, for him, a “growth mindset”, meaningful digitalization and delivering promised benefits are connected... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #7 Anyone who wants to integrate IO-Link devices into controls and access device parameters or collect diagnostic information in the process has to program many acyclical requests... Read on
When Jano Crema had an issue with rejects on his paper cup lid processing line, he needed a solution that would not only solve the issue, but add further value down the line. He found it. Here’s... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #6 Is there a tool which automatically detects all IO-Link devices in a machine? Would it not be desirable if the device descriptions (IODD) could be automatically downloaded... Read on
To meet market demands and streamline costs, Corex Plastics P/L in Australia has stepped up its game in tightening its back-end systems. John Hughes, automation technician from Corex Plastics, and Amit... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 476