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My SICK is your personal self-service portal

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Open around the clock

  • My SICK is available at all times regardless of office hours to provide you with information 24/7 about our products, prices, and availability


Find your solution quickly and easily

  • Find the right solution for your needs on our website thanks to the powerful search function and comprehensive selection options
  • Add products to your cart with one click and order them directly


Transparent price and availability information

  • View the current availability of SICK products, and their prices based on your agreed terms and conditions
  • Request quotes and administer them transparently


Convenience during the ordering process

  • Convert your wishlists and quotes into an order with a single click
  • Import existing product lists into your cart
  • Export quotes and orders easily and conveniently
  • View your order history and save time by reusing previous orders


Clear documentation overview

  • See all documents such as wishlists, quotes and orders


Current delivery times and tracking information

  • Check the status of your orders in real time
  • Track your delivery using our tracking function


Simple return of products

  • Benefit from our easy and fast return process


My SICK – your personal self-service portal:

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You can find tutorials for SICK e-shop and self-service on our training platform. You can log in using your SICK ID to go directly to the training