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Explore our latest innovations and discover SICK's success stories as one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications. The SICK Sensor Blog helps its readers stay up to date on the latest advances in automation, ranging from production plants to processes and logistics systems. It’s time to lift the veil on the world of digital transformation.

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Women in AI & Robotics is a global network of experts and professionals in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. At SICK Solution Hackathon, five young women from this association are bringing in... Read on
Adherence to the regulations well before the statutory deadline: With the aim of reducing the environmental impacts globally, waste incineration plants need to adhere to ever lower limit values for emissions... Read on
The SICK Solution Hackathon is giving more than 100 young talents from 16 countries a chance to use their creativity and ingenuity to solve challenges in daily life and industry. Supported by well-known... Read on
It is no longer enough to automate single processes and individual production steps. Modern production and logistics facilities need the efficiency that comes from holistic solutions – and take the... Read on
Safe, fast and cost-efficient – that’s the GESSbot Gb350 automated guided vehicle (AGV) from W. Gessmann GmbH in Leingarten in southern Germany. When developing this automation solution for... Read on
What are the risk factors when operating a winding machine? The Finish family-owned company Reka Kaapeli Oy was assisted by SICK when answering this question. At the end of the assessment, they decided... Read on
Robots and automated guided vehicle systems are taking on increasingly complex tasks and ensuring high availability and productivity, at least in theory. However, disruptions often occur in the process... Read on
Kuopion Energia is using the MCS200HW multi-component analyzer system to monitor its emissions. The old testing system installed in the stack has been replaced by a new analyzer system with sampling capability... Read on
Production and intralogistics complement each other perfectly and are growing together. What used to be two completely separate areas is now experiencing joint growth thanks to advances in automation and... Read on
Velux is renowned for high-quality windows and the accessories that go along with them. Dedicated to always finding the best solution, the software department developed software that the company uses to... Read on
BASF is driving developments in the automation and digitalization of intralogistics in indoor and outdoor areas. It has achieved this at its Swiss location in Kaisten with an automated guided vehicle system... Read on
GACHA is what this bus is called – an autonomous vehicle for local public transport. The Finnish technology company Sensible 4 in conjunction with the Japanese consumer brand MUJI presented the GACHA... Read on
A big subject in the industry is the use of collaborative robots, or “Cobots” in applications. This article discusses collaborative robot applications with respect to the standard ISO 10218... Read on
Robot marks suspicious air cargo thanks to 3D vision sensor Visionary-S and vision integrator Wu XI Fu Jiang from China... Read on
For many years, the use of robots in production was an image you encountered in particular in the automotive industry. Behind high fences, giant robot arms assembled heavy bodyparts. But robots have changed... Read on
Seamless automation from indoor to outdoor: For the intralogistics of the future, Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and SICK are collaborating on a platform solution for a modular indoor/outdoor vehicle... Read on
GO BEYOND: DISCOVERY #20. Artificial intelligence with deep learning software from SICK: At the Nestlé production site in Osthofen, a 2D snapshot camera in conjunction with the integrated SICK software... Read on
SICK safety has been successfully integrated into a new range of innovative robotic flexible manufacturing cells developed by Mills CNC in a myth-busting project that presents a masterclass in safety through... Read on
Following the publication of IEC61800-5-3 in late February 2021, there now exists for the first time ever a product-specific standard for safety encoders. The safe AFS/AFM60S Pro absolute encoder was the... Read on
When Aztro reached out to long-time partner SICK about line detection issues a client was facing, SICK took the opportunity to introduce a new sensor with capabilities the market had been asking for... Read on
In the future, automation with industrial robots will also be getting more interesting for smaller companies. Because fruitcore robotics, based in the German city of Constance, has developed the HORST... Read on
GO BEYOND. Discovery #19 Realize the full potential of intelligent sensors: Applications for which it was previously very difficult to achieve consistently robust and repeatable quality inspections... Read on
The automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from Steering Machines significantly increase productivity in industrial environments –thanks to the help of SICK sensor solutions... Read on
Applying labels to pallets in conventional logistics centers is a mundane, time-consuming manual task, not entirely without risk. Forklift operators must exit their cabs to label and scan every single... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 513