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Explore our latest innovations and discover SICK's success stories as one of the world's leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications. The SICK Sensor Blog helps its readers stay up to date on the latest advances in automation, ranging from production plants to processes and logistics systems. It’s time to lift the veil on the world of digital transformation.

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In the recently expanded and modernized logistics center of Austrian Post in Allhaming, parcels are being sorted at an incredible speed. The automation solution from SICK “keeps an eye on”... Read on
Increasing competition in the process industry means that operations and service work have to be optimized continuously. Also environmental regulations for flaring become stricter. Ultrasonic flow meters... Read on
Only if a machine bears the CE marking and a certificate of conformity has been obtained can the manufacturer place it on the market in the European Economic Area. The necessary CE certification is a complicated... Read on
When cheetahs snatch calves from cattle herds, farmers tend to reach for their guns. A group of biologists have found a solution to this conflict between man and beast – and sensors from SICK have... Read on
he events of 2022 sent shock waves through the energy market. All of a sudden, liquefied natural gas has become a hot topic in Germany‚ too. The system for measuring flue gas at Germany’s... Read on
SICK ultrasonic flow meters are already capable of reliably metering natural gas / hydrogen blends. The company is working hard on developing a means of metering pure hydrogen in a verifiable manner... Read on
There is a paradigm shift currently under way at SICK in the field of sensor and system solutions for using robots safely and efficiently. Volker Glöckle, Senior Vice President of Integrated Automation,... Read on
Mitsubishi Electric and SICK have worked together to develop a highly flexible and easy-to-use robot application. The key is a camera combined with special integration software... Read on
Industrial automation calls for a keen eye in the form of 3D cameras with time-of-flight technology (3D ToF). In a project spanning multiple departments, SICK has demonstrated perfect timing in launching... Read on
Exciting times for intralogistics specialists – automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly being used in outdoor applications, thereby bringing within reach the goal of ensuring a weather-independent... Read on
Smart City – the intelligent city of the future: The aim is to make our cities more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more advanced. An important component of this is autonomous vehicles,... Read on
There are times when the continuous output of just one accurate, digital measurement can transform a manufacturer’s ability to control a production process. For IKO Roofing, one of the UK’s... Read on
Production and logistics processes are highly dynamic. The requirements on innovative safety solutions are increasing. Until now, 2D LiDAR sensors were used for two-dimensional hazardous area protection... Read on
From Italy to the four corners of the world: the product is packed, packaged, handled in the most careful, efficient and safe way. Let's talk about OCME. The heart of the manufacturing district in northeastern... Read on
Can artificial intelligence make road tunnels safer and more efficient? The Vehicle Hotspot Detection Systems (VHD) from SICK at the northern and southern entrance of the San Bernardino tunnel answer this... Read on
Battery cell production and its processes are far from fully developed. To speed up the manufacturing process for battery cells, the Technical University of Munich (TU Berlin) has developed a folding process... Read on
While online trading is much talked about as a driver of growth in the intralogistics sector, a fast pace continues to be in demand in production logistics as well. Consequently, the industry is undergoing... Read on
The market for autonomous cleaning robots is growing rapidly. Experts estimate that by 2025 there will five times as many robots in use as today. No wonder, given that the market for skilled workers has... Read on
Applying the right amount of tomato sauce or a perfect rim of jam on a cookie – this is a job for FoodJet, the specialist for precision pouring. Together with SICK and the SPEETEC 1D non-contact... Read on
The aim was to implement an access protection solution on a newly developed inline measurement cell at Audi that does not require muting sensors but can still handle all of the complex vehicle geometries... Read on
Integrating mobile robots that work safely in the immediate vicinity of operators and machines – that is the aim of SHERPA MOBILE ROBOTICS (SMR). The autonomous and mobile robots allow diverse solutions:... Read on
Producing standardized soiling on a wide variety of textiles and at the highest standard – this is the process the company Swissatest Testmaterialien AG in St. Gallen in Switzerland has mastered... Read on
Dec 14, 2022
Tech for good: why we do what we do2022 presented us all with more, new and different challenges. The year is almost over and a new one is about to begin: Time to reflect... Read on
Where exactly does this pallet need to go? A question often asked by all drivers of forklift trucks during their daily work. An RFID solution from Coppernic and SICK in France now always provides the right... Read on

Result 1 - 24 out of 539