OD Mini: New short range distance sensor (displacement) for micrometer precise measurement

May 23, 2013

The OD Mini is the ideal sensor solution when the issues that matter apart from precise measuring of small distances or detecting position changes in the µm range include compact construction size, minimal weight, special user-friendliness, and a high level of ruggedness. In three measurement ranges between 10 and 150 mm, the sensor allows extremely accurate and yet fast measurement of distances or detection of workpiece or manufacturing tolerances.



The housing, measuring 18 x 31 x 41 mm and featuring an IP 67 enclosure rating, is extremely space-saving and has a lightweight design. In this way, the OD Mini that weighs only 70 g in the stainless steel version and merely 40 g in the aluminum model is very well suited even for highly dynamic applications, e.g., on robots or gripper systems. Another benefit: The evaluation electronics are integrated in the sensor. This saves an additional evaluation unit and the associated wiring effort when using the OD Mini.


Auswerteelektronik OD-Mini


Reliable in detecting and user-friendly

Whether changes in color, fluctuations in brightness, reflective surfaces, or reflections - thanks to its CMOS receiver technology, the OD Mini reaches excellent detection results and thus high machine availability even in case of difficult general conditions and surface properties. The operating design of SICKs short range distance sensor is intelligent and intuitive: The display and four status LEDs make configuration particularly easy. Alternatively, by means of its external teach input, one can also use remote teach-in to set up the OD Mini, e.g. via an automation system.



Perfect networker

The OD Mini features analog interfaces by which the sensor can output continuous measured values but also switching signals. In addition, diverse options are available for integrating the displacement sensor into industrial networks. Elements already emerging on the development horizon of the OD Mini are RS485 and RS422 serial interfaces for data transmission.


OD Mini in stainless steel and aluminium version OD Mini in stainless steel and aluminium version

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