HIPERFACE DSL® – the digital evolution

The HIPERFACE® interface is wellknown for its compactness, speed and precision – the basic version is installed and used all over the world. The result: HIPERFACE DSL®. – The one cable technology!

The opening of HIPERFACE DSL®: Gateway to the future

By opening the interface, SICK is now making the tried-and-tested technology accessible to all users. By doing so, SICK is providing a safe, real-time and open communication interface for servo technology.

As an open interface, HIPERFACE DSL® combines all the advantages of a digital real-time interface - established One Cable Technology and an enormous increase in efficiency - and is therefore an important foundation for Industry 4.0.

HIPERFACE DSL® – Your benefits

HIPERFACE DSL® conforms to the established RS485 standard with a transmission rate of 9,375 MBd. The data is transmitted in synchronization with the drive cycle, which can be as short as 12.1 μs. The cable between the drive electronic and feedback system can be up to 100 meters in length.

The fact that the motor feedback connector plug is no longer required affords you freedom in terms of design on the motor side (extremely important in the case of small servo motors).

  • 50 % lower connection costs and cable variance:

    The lack of a dedicated motor feedback cable not only reduces the connection costs, but also the cable variance – sometimes less is more!

    More performance:

    The extremely rapid process data transmission of HIPERFACE DSL® provides incredibly high resolution and accuracy.

    Certified up to SIL3:

    In terms of reliability and safety functions, you’re always on the safe side with HIPERFACE DSL®: The interface fulfills the requirements of the internationally-applicable Safety Integrity Level 3 standard.


    Quick and efficient recognition and elimination of faults via self-diagnosis for higher quality.

    Smoother running:
    Your drive systems will demonstrate a new and excellent level of smooth operation.
    Remote diagnostics:
    Maintenance work is prepared more quickly and efficiently using the convenient, internet-based remote diagnostics function.
    Preventive maintenance option:
    Unplanned machine downtime can be avoided through preventative maintenance
    More safety:
    Safety in terms of both function and investment, trouble-free running of the system, faultless and quick operation.


  • This is where you can purchase the HIPERFACE DSL® Master IP Core software.

    Have you already purchased an IP Core CD-Rom in the past and require a software update?

    Then please contact us at My SICK probe.

    To technical information for HIPERFACE DSL® Master IP Core


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