Integration Solutions

Tools and services for integrating SICK sensor data into various systems

The Integration Solutions from SICK provide a range of software-based solutions, tools, and services for integrating SICK sensor data into controllers, engineering tools, HMIs, ERP and MES systems, and cloud-based services. They enable fast and easy access to the data collected by our sensors and also simplify or completely eliminate programming, thereby ensuring shorter development, engineering and commissioning times.

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Product family FieldEcho®
Software tool for IO-Link data accessibility and transparency
  • Suitable to parameterize and monitor all IO-Link devices in a plant
  • Platform-independent access to IO-Link device data
  • OPC UA client to communicate with PLCs
  • Automatic IO-Link devices discovery
  • Interface to IODDfinder
  • Server and client can be distributed in the network
  • Usable in browsers or integrated in HMIs