Photoelectric sensors

The new home of sensing range

Your Benefits

  • Reliable object detection over long sensing ranges and at large detection angles
  • Precise, simple adjustment using a potentiometer, teach-in button or display
  • Excellent functionality with IO-Link
  • The rugged VISTAL® sensor housing ensures high availability and a long service life
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications: the variants of the photoelectric sensors are designed to cover a variety of detection requirements
  • Compact sensors allow for significant flexibility in machine design


The new home of sensing range

PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensors combine powerful time-of-flight technology with compact sensor housings, giving machine designers maximum flexibility. They reliably detect objects that are traveling at high speed, small and flat objects, and jet-black or shiny objects at sensing ranges between 5 cm and 4 m, including at large detection angles. The WTT2SL, WTT4SL, WTT12L, WTT190L and WTT280L variants of the photoelectric sensors are designed to meet different requirements and provide the ideal solution to overcome any challenge.

At a glance
  • Time-of-flight technology
  • Laser class 1, red and infrared light
  • Sensing range: 5 cm to 4 m
  • Very small background range: 6 mm
  • Switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz
  • The option of up to three adjustable digital outputs or one IO-Link analog output: for up to eight switching points, distance value and smart sensor functionality


Robotics image
Robotics image

Working together as equals

Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely. For all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.
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Large sensing range in a small housing

The PowerProx detects large areas at a maximum distance of up to 4 m. The sensors are resistant to background reflections and therefore offer maximum reliability. In addition, the compact housing makes the PowerProx a space-saving detection solution for large distances.

Complete monitoring with the most advanced time-of-flight technology

Distance values with millimeter precision and up to eight switching points are available for the automation process via IO-Link
The PowerProx also delivers analog distance data for precise control in mounting technology
The ideal solution for space-saving use in grippers and robotic elements
Top performance for occupied bay and clearance detection thanks to IO-Link and up to eight switching points
High performance even in tight spaces: Perfect for compact AGV applications

Impressive detection: Even at large distances and with ambient light exposure, the PowerProx detects objects reliably.

Exact detection results in any position

More power isn’t possible: The PowerProx achieves outstanding detection results thanks to excellent optics and beam paths. Extreme angles and changing object surfaces are also no problem. The receiver elements of the photoelectric sensor are resistant to background reflections and ambient light.
Ideal for use in mounting technology thanks to precise detection and distance measurement
Reliable quality control thanks to high repeatability - even if the surface quality changes

Very high precision: The PowerProx delivers reliable detection results even with jet-black, glossy or changing object surfaces as well as very small and flat objects

Adapted specialists for any application

Everything under one “roof”: With the PowerProx, high-precision time-of-flight technology is now available for a wide spectrum of applications for the first time. The reliable detection of very small objects, fast processes or detection over large sensing ranges is no problem for the PowerProx. Corresponding variants offer maximum detection reliability for objects with strongly reflective surfaces. And when space is tight, the very compact WTT2SL and WTT4SL variants ensure maximum performance in a miniature format.
Precisely detects the smallest objects, pockets or recesses
Quick signal processing and high switching frequency for quick processes
With an up to 4 m sensing range, the PowerProx keeps a close eye on even far-away objects

Maximum flexibility: The PowerProx has the right sensor solution for any range of applications, no matter whether very fast, accurate detection or detection at large sensing ranges is required

Reliable detection at high speeds

Processes are getting faster and faster in countless industries. The high switching frequency and quick signal processing of the PowerProx enables powerful detection even at high tempos. In doing so, the photoelectric sensor laser beam detects even high-gloss or jet-black objects at large detection angles.
Edge detection in high speed applications due to switching frequencies of up to 1,000 Hz and the high-precision laser beam

Very fast tempo: The PowerProx reliably detects objects and edges with nearly no delay, even at high process speeds in production and logistics.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    20 mm x 49.6 mm x 44.2 mm

    17.6 mm x 46.5 mm x 34.1 mm

    17.4 mm x 45.6 mm x 34.7 mm

    12.2 mm x 41.8 mm x 17.3 mm

    7.7 mm x 27.5 mm x 13.5 mm

    23.5 mm x 76 mm x 55.8 mm

    Light sourceLaser
    Type of lightVisible red light / Infrared light
    Enclosure ratingIP67
    Housing materialPlastic


    Teach-in button


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