Intelligent human-material differentiation for the infeed and outfeed of materials

Assembly lines often combine both manual and automated processes. As a result, some assembly areas have stringent requirements on protecting hazardous points in the infeed and outfeed of materials. The deTec4 safety light curtain accommodates these requirements with its intelligent Smart Box Detection function. This makes additional muting sensors unnecessary. The rectangular product to be assembled (e.g., a washing machine) passes through the assembly areas without machine stops. With the help of the object pattern detection functionality of the deTec4, boxes can be transported on a conveyor belt in or out of a hazardous point without any shutdowns occurring. The deTec protective field located above this remains activated at all times as the box passes through. This increases the level of safety compared to conventional muting solutions.

  • Following product families can be used
    Because we take safety to the next level
    • NFC diagnosis and smartphone app
    • Diagnostics and automation via IO-Link
    • Object pattern recognition using Smart Box Detection
    • 2-signal muting
    • Smart presence detection
    • Configuration of all functions without software
    • Reduced resolution: 1 or 2 beams
    • Different enclosure ratings as well as variants for use in explosion-hazardous areas