Part localization in the AnyFeeder

An AnyFeeder machine conveys and flips small parts without refeeding and without the use of conveyor belts. In this case, small parts are randomly aligned. The PLOC2D robot guidance system quickly and safely detects the parts’ position and transmits data for the position and rotation of properly aligned parts to the robot control system. Using this information, the robot is able to pick the properly aligned parts and feed them to the next process. Any parts that are not properly aligned are ignored. Once the properly aligned parts have been removed, the remaining components in the pick zone are realigned by a pulsed vertical oscillation.

  • Following product families can be used
    Easy to use and flexible part localization sensor system
    • 2D position determination of parts
    • Comparison of coordinate systems of robots and sensor systems
    • Tools and functions for easy calibration of the FLEX variants
    • Intuitive human machine interface for set-up and maintenance of system components
    • Stand-alone sensor system – no external PC required