Leading edge detection

Leading edge detection with MultiTask photoelectric sensors is required to merge items, to detect the handover status to or off the sorter cells, or for other types of simple belt control tasks. MultiTask photoelectric sensors detect the leading edge of an item. The speed of individual belt segments is then controlled to create the gaps between the items. The Reflex Array multi-task photoelectric sensor with its light band is then used when objects with no clearly defined leading edge have to be detected reliably.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family Reflex Array
    The photoelectric sensor with the 2D light array: multifaceted and economical
    • RAY10: 25 mm-high light array, detects objects ≥ 5 mm
    • RAY26: 55 mm-high light array, three variants, detects objects ≥ 3 mm, ≥ 5 mm or ≥ 10 mm
    • Display for predictive maintenance on the sensor; transmits maintenance signals to the PLC via IO-Link
    • Conveyor belt suppression for RAY26