Leading edge and profile detection

Leading edge detection is required to feed items from belts to the main sorter with defined spacing. The combination of advanced automation light grids and high-resolution rotary encoders enables the detection of leading edges plus capture of additional item profile information, such as footprint and orientation, for optimum spacing between items.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family MLG-2 Prime
    Configure measurement tasks with ease via the display
    • High-resolution light grid: with beam separation of 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm und 50 mm
    • Available with three push-pull switching outputs or two analog outputs
    • Display configuration with selected, pre-programmed measuring functions
    • Monitoring height up to 3.2 m
    • Operating range up to 8.5 m
    • Optical synchronization of sender and receiver
    • Cloning function via IO-Link
    • Temperature range from –30 °C to +55 °C