Leading edge and length detection

Leading edge detection is required to feed items from belts to the main sorter with defined spacing. The combination of high-resolution, high-speed light grids and high-resolution rotary encoders enables the detection of leading edges plus capture of additional item profile information, such as length. The time of interruption of the light grid and the speed of the belt as measured by the encoder provide the item length information required for acceleration or deceleration of the belt segments to place the item on the sorter.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family HLG
    High-resolution and high-speed detection of the smallest objects
    • 2 mm resolution
    • Response time 3 ms
    • Detection height 50 mm
    • Cable synchronization
    • PNP or NPN with Q or Qnot outputs (NO/NC)
    • 1 x test, 1 x teach-in input
    • M12 male connector, 8-pin