Robot-assisted picking of individual parts in an assembly plant

To manufacture a torque transducer, components are transported on a pallet to a work station. The PLOC2D robot guidance system distinguishes between these parts by means of its 2D object localization capability and feeds them to the assembly facility in the correct sequence. There they are assembled into a complete torque transducer. The image processing unit of the system locates the exact position of the parts and guides the robot to the correct location. This eliminates the need for part-specific compartments on the pallet as the parts can be located in different positions on the pallet, which reduces the costs for material handling processes.

  • Following product families can be used
    Easy to use and flexible part localization sensor system
    • 2D position determination of parts
    • Comparison of coordinate systems of robots and sensor systems
    • Tools and functions for easy calibration of the FLEX variants
    • Intuitive human machine interface for set-up and maintenance of system components
    • Stand-alone sensor system – no external PC required

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Robotics image

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