2D LiDAR sensors

Your Benefits

  • VdS certification ensures system reliability and is accepted by insurance companies (German certificate standard)
  • High angular resolution provides a secure solution that improves reliability
  • Secure, reliable detection with few false alarms due to precise field configuration of the detection area
  • Small size for “invisible” installation
  • Intelligent evaluation provides maximum application flexibility
  • Easy integration into existing alarm management systems
  • Low maintenance due to high immunity against environmental influences
  • Cost-effective retrofitting due to low installation and wiring costs


The LMC1xx product family has been developed for class “C” intrusion and hold-up systems (German/Austrian security certificate) which are compliant with VdS and VSÖ. LMC (laser measurement certified) consists of a 2D LiDAR sensor, mounting kit, and special firmware. LMC provides protection both indoors and out. It can be positioned flexibly as a curtain to protect individual pictures or entire walls (vertical field) or to protect ceilings and floors (horizontal field). LMC can be adapted to any conceivable situation by varying the combination of the inputs. In a museum, for example, each individual picture can be monitored separately during the day, but the entire wall can be monitored for intrusions and break-ins at night. If anyone breaches the monitoring field, an alarm is triggered immediately. The LiDAR sensors can be operated independently or as part of an existing alarm management system using several relay outputs and an OPC interface.

At a glance
  • The only 2D LiDAR sensor on the market with a VdS certificate (German safety certificate)
  • Highest class “C” with environmental class II or IVa
  • Flexible connection to DC 9 V up to 30 V
  • 2 isolated relays (alarm) and 1 manipulation output
  • High detection range of 20 m both horizontal and vertical
  • Up to 10 freely definable monitoring fields, intelligent analysis algorithms
  • Certified quick start menu
  • Available in 200 RAL colors on request


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationSecurity / Indoor / Security / Outdoor
    Integrated applicationField evaluation with flexible fields, security conform parameterization
    Aperture angle
    Angular resolution



    Working range0.5 m ... 20 m
    Scanning range
    At 10% remission18 m
    Amount of evaluated echoes2
    Scanning frequency50 Hz
    HeatingNo / yes
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +50 °C
    Digital inputs4 digital
    Digital outputs3 (2 relay, 1 digital)
    Weight1.1 kg
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product