Measuring automation light grids

This product family is being phased out!
XLG − extremely reliable in tough conditions

Your Benefits

  • Highest immunity to sunlight for trouble-free operation
  • Intelligent evaluation software saves costs
  • Easy-to-see status information helps avoid interrupting operation, saves costs
  • Different beam spacing options, detection heights and output configurations ensure a reliable solution


XLG − extremely reliable in tough conditions

The XLG automation light grid offers reliability, speed and flexibility. It has additional features compared to the MLG. The XLG offers the highest level of immunity to infrared light and sunlight, an optional heated protective housing, and a weather-resistant front lens, ensuring reliability even in the most adverse external conditions. Response times of only a few milliseconds and fast data output interfaces, such as RS-485, ensure it can operate in a wide range of outdoor applications

At a glance
  • Highest immunity to sunlight
  • Scratch- and weather-resistant front screen
  • Sensing range up to 6 m
  • Up to 100 beams possible
  • Resolutions of 10 / 20 / 30 / 50 mm and customer-specific resolutions
  • External teach-in for optimal sensitivity settings
  • Short response time < 3 ms
  • Up to 6 PNP/ NPN switching outputs and two switching inputs