Automated load picking and transfer

GL6 or GRL18S photoelectric retro-reflective sensors are used on automated guided vehicles (AGV) for position and protrusion monitoring and in other tasks related to tote load picking and transfer. An IRT photoelectric proximity sensor between the rollers of the infeed starts or stops the transport of the totes. As the totes are transferred from the belt to the vehicle, SICK sensors perform the following checks:

1. A photoelectric sensor aligned diagonally across the loading surface detects whether the loading surface is free.

2. One photoelectric sensor at the end of the roller conveyor and one sensor on the AGV monitor whether the gap between the belt and the vehicle is clear and check that the AGV can move away without causing damage.

3. One photoelectric sensor each on the right and left sides of the AGV checks whether the item is positioned on the AGV without protruding.

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