W16, W26: The highflier in object detection

The smart photoelectric sensors W16 and W26 love a challenge so they really kick into gear when confronted with flashes, reflections and vibrations. Thanks to new technology, they particularly detect shiny, uneven, perforated and transparent objects more reliably than ever. They are not blown off course by unwanted light reflection. The highflier in object detection is not blinded by anything; it knows how things work.

They communicate their findings too: the innovative operating concept using LED feedback makes it easier to adjust to each task within seconds. The Smart Sensors W16 and W26 detect each situation, translate this into digital data, and communicate this via IO link or Bluetooth to their process environment. Since they actively support continuous automation networks, they open the door to Industry 4.0 and intelligent factories.

Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, it is possible to access the sensor data from any mobile end device you wish. If the sensors report that ambient conditions have changed during the current process, their performance can be optimized via the Bluetooth interface in a few clicks.





Sensor alignment using BluePilot

Thanks to the innovative LED display, BluePilot provides the product families W16 and W26 with the ability to align sensors and reflectors as well as senders and receivers within seconds. In the case of the photoelectric proximity sensors, a push-and-turn element enables the sensor to be adjusted quickly and precisely, thereby eliminating the customary time-consuming fine adjustment using rotary controls.

A kick-start



Detection reliability using innovative technology

The unique combination of new effective technology for object detection provides a new dimension of detection reliability. Shiny and reflective objects no longer present an obstacle for TwinEye technology® or LineSpot and ClearSens technology. The new photoelectric sensors W16 and W26 can also detect textured, perforated and even transparent objects without any problem.

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Rugged when used with VISTAL®

The smart photoelectric sensor intelligence is packed into a rugged housing made of VISTAL®, which consists of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and has a strength comparable to steel. The sensors can withstand extreme thermal, chemical or mechanical stress with ease.

More robustness


Sensor communication using Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors provide indispensable input for every process chain. They support dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organized industry processes. The Smart Sensors W16 and W26 capture real-life situations, and generate and receive data and information beyond traditional switching signals or measured process parameters.

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Smart photoelectric sensors

The smart photoelectric sensors are the result of systematic streamlining of the comprehensive object detection product range. Both product families W16 and W26 have a standardized range of services, offering diverse application possibilities.

Photoelectric sensors

The highflier in intelligent automation

Photoelectric sensors
Stars in object detection
Photoelectric sensors
The highflier in object detection

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