Gas flow meters

Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications

  • At a glance
    • Highly efficient ultrasonic transducer - up to gas temperatures of 280 °C and pressures up to 450 bar
    • Direct path layout
    • Intelligent self-diagnostics
    • Compact, robust design
    • Integrated log book and data logger
    • Large measuring range 1:120
    • Bidirectional measurement
    • Low power consumption: <1 W
    Your Benefits
    • Long-term stability, reliable measurement
    • Low maintenance due to intelligent self-diagnostics
    • Virtually immune to pressure regulator noise
    • Ultrasonic transducers can be exchanged under operating pressure
    • Wide application range
    Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications

    The FLOWSIC600 measurement device is an ultrasonic gas flow meter and sets the standard in its market segment for custody transfer of natural gas as well as steam flow measurement. The visually technical design demonstrates that it is geared to the tough industry conditions. The compact design with integrated cable routing means that the measuring system is rugged, insensitive to interference, low-maintenance, and has long-term stability. The FLOWSIC600 features extensive diagnostics options to allow detection of malfunctions even before the measurement is affected. Versions with 2, 4, 4 + 1, or 4 + 4 measuring paths enable a variety of process applications, including custody transfer measurements.

    • Technical data overview
      Measured valuesVolumetric flow, a. c., volume a. c., gas velocity, sound velocity
      Number of measuring paths2, 4, 4+1, 4+4
      Hazardous area



      Class I Division 1

      Class I Division 2

      Measuring rangesMeasuring ranges depend on nominal pipe size
      Gas temperature

      –40 °C ... +180 °C

      On request: –194 °C ... +280 °C

      Operating pressure

      0 bar (g) ... 250 bar (g)

      On request: 450 bar (g)

      Nominal pipe size2 ″ ... 48 ″
      (DN 50 ... DN 1200)

      AGA-Report No. 9

      API 21.1

      OIML D 11:2013

      OIML R 137-1:2006

      ISO 17089-1

      BS 7965

      Enclosure ratingIP65 / IP66 / IP67
      Type of fieldbus integrationASCII RS-485 (2x)
      RTU RS-485 (2x)
      Diagnostics functionsIntegrated device diagnosis and extended diagnosis via MEPAFLOW600 CBM software
The exact device specifications and performance data of the product may deviate from the information provided here, and depend on the application in which the product is being used and the relevant customer specifications.
In accordance with Article 2 (4), this product does not fall within the scope of RoHS directive 2011/65/EU and is also not designed for use in products which fall within the scope of this directive. You can find additional information in the product information.
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Gas flow meters
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