Positioning the x axis on the tote shuttle

The shuttle is positioned using an incremental encoder and a photoelectric proximity sensor. The combination of incremental values and absolute positions compensates for any potential slippage on the drive wheel and enables maximum positioning accuracy and repeatability.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family DFV60
    High-resolution, programmable measuring wheel incremental encoder
    • Rotatable spring arm for universal use
    • 300 mm wheel circumference with o-ring made from NBR70
    • Mounting arm and measurement wheels made from aluminum
    • Programmable output voltage, zero pulse position, zero pulse width and number of pulses
    • Connection: radial M12 connector outlet or radial/axial cable outlet
    • Electrical interfaces: 5V & 24V TTL/RS-422, 24 V HTL/push pull
    • Remote zero setting possible
    Product family DBS36 Core
    The MultiFit Incremental Encoder
    • Connection with universal cable outlet
    • Designs with blind hollow shaft or face mount flange with solid shaft
    • Face mount flange with 6 mounting hole patterns and servo groove
    • Hollow shaft with universal stator coupling
    • Compact housing diameter of 37 mm with compact construction depth,
    • Electrical interfaces: TTL/RS-422, HTL/push pull and Open Collector NPN
    • Number of lines: 10 to 2,500
    • Temperature range: –20 °C ... +85 °C
    • Enclosure rating: IP65
    Product family W4-3
    Best-in-class sensing performance in a miniature housing
    • Best background suppression sensor in its class
    • Universal use of PinPoint technology in all models
    • BGS proximity sensor with laser-like light spot for precise detection tasks
    • Reliable setting via 5-turn potentiometer, teach-in pushbutton, teach-in via cable or IO-Link
    • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and display thanks to IO-Link