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Standardization as a precursor to data-driven factories

Uniform machine-to-machine communication protocols and a standardized vertical connection of machines to higher-level IT systems accelerate the transformation to smart factories.

IPC Image
IPC Image

The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852) makes modern machine-to-machine communication protocols possible, while IPC-CFX (IPC-2591) offers a standardized vertical machine connection. Both standards are tailor-made for PCB assembly lines and are quickly finding their way into factories.

New standards bring new challenges

The transition from the well-known SMEMA Standard to the Hermes Standard is a challenge for all involved parties.

Equipment manufacturers very often look back on machine portfolios with historic growth. The variety of machine types, their different control architectures and corresponding software versions means the change to the Hermes Standard is a major task.

SICK allows equipment manufacturers to offer their machine portfolio with the Hermes Standard.

SMT line operators can introduce the Hermes Standard when investing in new SMT lines and take advantage of its benefits. However, clever solutions are required in order to completely generate the resulting added value in a factory and to convert the existing machinery to the Hermes Standard.

SICK supports SMT line operators in introducing the Hermes Standard 

Hermes Standard range of solutions

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Hermes SMEMA Connect

Getting machines ready for the digital future 

  • Integration of machines regardless of the manufacturer with SMEMA interface into SMT lines with the Hermes Standard
  • Well-suited for retrofitting existing machines and integration into control concepts for new machines
  • Tailored to your machine thanks to configurable features and customization by our experts
Hermes ELS Connect Image





Hermes ELS Connect

Link between modern SMT worlds

  • Integration of machines regardless of the manufacturer with SEMI-SMT-ELS interface in SMT lines with the Hermes Standard
  • Smart algorithms ensure data consistency
  • Flexible integration into existing machine systems or with standalone hardware solution from SICK
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Hermes Vertical Connect

Interaction with higher-level production systems

  • Vertical data integration and interaction of Hermes Standard machines with higher-level production systems
  • Standardized with IPC-CFX or customized via REST, MQTT or OPC UA
  • Available either as a stand-alone solution or as a supplementary module of our Hermes Standard Solutions

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SICK is a member of the The Hermes Standard Initiative.

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