Track and trace systems
ICR System

Your Benefits

  • Throughput of more than 18,000 objects/h at conveyor speeds of up to 4 m/s
  • Conveyor belt widths of up to 1,600 mm are covered
  • High-resolution image quality (200 dpi) for the best read rates, OCR results, video coding and vision applications
  • Completely integrated code reading and vision solutions without requiring an additional PC/server
  • Monitoring option thanks to decentralized image archiving
  • Reduced shadow effects and minimal system footprint thanks to the 55° camera skew angle
  • Simplified and cost-efficient cabling due to Ethernet line network topology


The ICR (image-based code reader) track and trace system is the ideal identification solution for sorting processes at the highest conveyor speeds. The cubic and irregular shipping objects to be sorted are quickly and reliably identified while all common 1D/2D codes as well as postal codes are taken into account. The excellent image quality of the integrated camera also enables use in OCR, video coding and vision applications. The system can be used for thin conveyor widths as well as for widths of up to 1,600 mm and can be expanded to include products such as a volume measurement system.

At a glance
  • 8/12 k quad-line sensor
  • Linux-based software platform
  • Ethernet-based code data transmission to the SIM2000 controller
  • Integrated computing power to support the latest vision applications
  • MTBF 120,000 h


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Transport speed4.5 m/s
    Minimum object distance≥ 50 mm
    Read field width1,600 mm / 1,200 mm
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