Quality control systems
Inline Code Matcher

Right product – right packaging

  • At a glance
    • Code comparison (1D/2D) during the production process
    • Intuitive operation via HMI with touch display
    • Easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution
    • Statistic display and display of the last fault patterns
    • Multi-track plants supported
    • User-friendly batch change on the fly or with a hand-held scanner
    Your Benefits
    • Reliable batch assignment for increased food safety – the right product in the right packaging
    • Low overall costs thanks to simple installation and operation
    • Easy retrofitting of existing plants thanks to stand-alone solution
    • Product changes during the process for a high level of flexibility and short set-up times
    • Maximum system throughput thanks to reliable code reading
    • Process control through the display of crucial quality parameters
    Inline Code Matcher
    Right product – right packaging

    The Inline Code Matcher quality control system ensures that the right packaging is used for the right product by reading a code on the packaging. As an easy-to-integrate stand-alone solution, the system is especially suited for retrofitting into existing plants. The modular structure with multiple Lector6xx code readers opens up a wide range of applications especially in multi-track plants. Customizations are possible upon request.

    • Technical data overview
      Ambient temperature operation0 °C ... +50 °C
      Supply voltage24 V
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Inline Code Matcher
Quality control systems
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