Process gas analysis systems (PGA)

Gas analysis under the harshest conditions, directly on rotary kilns

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of system downtimes due to timely detection of problems in the process
  • Uniformly high product quality thanks to process control
  • Lower energy costs due to an optimized combustion process
  • Rugged and proven technology for minimal maintenance work
  • High system availability due to harmonized components from a single source
  • Quick and capable assistance thanks to remote access and an experienced service team that is active all over the world


Gas analysis under the harshest conditions, directly on rotary kilns

The SCPS process gas analyzer system is used for gas measurement directly on rotary kilns. Rugged sample probes, effective cleaning mechanisms combined with hot or cold extractive analyzer systems and flexible remote maintenance - SICK is the only manufacturer that delivers the whole portfolio of products from a single source. The analyzers are configured to measure not only the important combustion parameters O2, CO, CO2, NO and, if applicable, CH4, but also process parameters such as SO2, HCL and NH3. Thanks to their minimal maintenance, maximum availability, and precise measured values, the SCPS system really shines, especially when it comes to combustion with high levels of sulfur or chlorine.

At a glance
  • Simultaneous measurement of all relevant gas component such as O2, CO, CO2, NOx, CH4, SO2, HCL, NH3
  • Rugged and cooled sample probes, can be used up to 1,400 °C and 2,000 g/m³ dust
  • Up to 98% availability of the complete system
  • Quick service thanks to remote maintenance


Precise process gas analysis

More precise process gas analysis means better optimization for combustion processes and quality assurance. SCPS offers analysis options for any requirements.

The composition of the process gas has a critical influence on the efficiency of the combustion process, the quality of the brick being created and the availability of the system. The SCPS analyzer systems reliably and accurately determine the concentration of all gas components required for the customer. This is true whether the measurement process is a traditional cold/dry extractive process or the hot/wet extractive process that is optimal for alternative fuels.

The right measurement procedure for any fuel

Cold/dry extractive measuring procedures Cold/dry extractive process gas analysis has been the industry standard for decades. This process works very well for measuring the components relevant to combustion process optimization: NOx, CO, CO2, O2, and CH4 for gas firing. When using alternative fuels such as petroleum coke or secondary fuels, however, additional components such as SO2, HCL and NH3 are also formed. Cold/dry extractive measurement is not very effective for measuring these components. Since these components are highly soluble in water, they form an acidic condensate that precipitates inside the gas cooler. This may result in corrosion damage to the entire analyzer system.
Hot/wet extractive measuring procedures The hot/wet extractive measurement process is more precise than the cold/dry extractive process, since the volume of the gas removed on the way from the extraction point to the analyzer is not affected by water vapor condensation. The hot/wet extractive process gas analysis has advantages, particularly when alternative fuels are being used. The continuous high temperatures used in this process prevent condensation reliably and thus also prevent the SO2, HCL and NH3 from being washed away. This way, these components remain measurable at all times and cannot cause corrosion damage to the analyzer system. Knowing the concentration of sulfur and chlorine compounds is extremely helpful for ensuring the ability to better manage the chlorine system and respond to critical sulfur content levels.

The right process optimization analysis for any requirement

SCPS analyzes all measuring components that are relevant for process optimization and quality assurance.
SCPS can even be used for hot/wet extractive measuring, which is especially useful when alternative fuels are involved.

The versatile SCPS analyzer system allows you to give energy efficiency, product quality and system availability a reliable, permanent boost. The result: You gain competitive advantages.

Rugged probes, cunning technology

The combination of highly resistant material and technology that has been optimized for its application allows measurements to be taken with reliable precision—even in tougher environments.

Long downtimes in harsh environments

Thanks to variable cooling, SCPS probes can be used at temperatures as high as 1,400 °C.
Mit 2-stufiger Filterrückspülung und Hochdruckreinigung hält SCPS Staubbelastungen von bis zu 2.000 g/m³ stand.
SCPS prevents caking on the probe tube effectively thanks to anti-stick movement and rotation.

The effective cooling and cleaning technology of the SCPS allows you to cut down on maintenance efforts and minimize unplanned downtimes, saving you money.

Comprehensive, tailored service

The SCPS is SICK´s all-in-one solution for process gas analysis. All system components and the associated service are obtained from a single source, ensuring that you always have a skilled contact person you can turn to.

Maintenance can be planned thanks to SICK Remote Service and condition monitoring

Remote access allows our experts to solve a variety of problems directly and without on-site visits.
Continuous monitoring of the "vital parameters" enables timely problem detection.

SICK´s all-in-one principle guarantees high system availability and cuts down on system downtimes.