Driver assistance systems

Your Benefits

  • Prevention of collisions resulting in reduced repair costs and downtime
  • High machine availability for trouble-free operation
  • Active situation-dependent warning with low false alarm rates
  • Detection and tracking of moving and stationary obstacles without the need for RFID tags
  • Integrated black spot warning (geo-fencing) for hazardous areas
  • Integrated installation wizard simplifies installation and operation
  • Self-diagnostics makes system maintenance easy


The MINESIC100 TPS (Truck Protection System) driver assistance system is a high-performance solution for collision and lane departure warning.

The system provides reliable warnings against collision with other vehicles and mining infrastructure. It also provides the operator with assistance in the face of critical scenarios on mine sites. The display shows only relevant information and outputs audible alarms in advance to prevent collisions, reversing incidents, as well as unintended road departure. The system automatically adapts warning field dimensions to the vehicle speed. This provides the operator with support to avoid collisions and ensure safe maneuvering of the vehicle while also recognizing individual driver behavior.

At a glance
  • Frontal collision and lane departure warning as well as reverse assistance
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • Configurable safety distances and warning fields
  • Event logging and monitoring of system status
  • Self-diagnostics function for straightforward troubleshooting and maintenance