Storing goods securely before distribution

May 29, 2015

As a secure shipper in accordance with the German Aviation Security Act, a company that sends air freight to the USA must protect the goods from being accessed by unauthorized parties. As a non-certified shipper, the goods must be X-rayed, which means extra costs and time expenditure. An intrusion or manipulation can cause a huge amount of damage for the company. The company's deliverability would be limited, which would be detrimental to its relationships with its customers. In a Southern Baden distribution center, Siemens is using a fence and facade security system, which works using SICK sensor technology, for exactly this purpose.   Logistikzentrum The project involves monitoring the fence around the distribution center and the facade. Multiple 2D laser scanners are used because the site fence is more than a kilometer long.


Break-ins are impossible

System The LMS 2D laser scanners monitor the fence for people climbing over it, digging under it, and cutting through it. They also trigger the cameras. The LMS transmit a signal to the video management system, which controls the high-speed dome cameras (pan-tilt-zoom cameras) with the best positions at the point of the break-in and detection. The security guard sees the alarm image trigged on an alarm image screen. Thanks to their wide field of view, the laser scanners reliably record all intruders. As a result, the laser scanners are an important tool for controlling the cameras.


Second security measure: facade monitoring

Monitor As a second security measure, Siemens and the operators of the distribution center rely on facade monitoring. The LMS531 Pro laser scanners are also used here. They secure various sections of the logistics building including windows and doors. If the sensors trigger an alarm, it is transmitted directly to the assisting intervention agency (emergency and service control center/security guard). Laser scanners also complement glass break sensors well. They detect the perpetrator before he/she is able to damage the windows or doors. As a result of this early detection, the intervention time of the security guards or the assisting intervention agency is extended and the unauthorized intruder can be caught more quickly. The laser scanners also detect vandalism by graffiti sprayers. Furthermore, they also protect against unnoticed intrusion when windows and doors/gates are open. The most important requirements in this case are low false alarm rates.   Fassade_LMSAll access paths can be blanked out during the day. This means that distribution center employees are able to enter and exit undisturbed. At night, the sensors switch to fully monitoring all areas. The monitoring laser scanners are linked to the existing access control system, which also shows a virtual image of doors/gates that provide a great deal of protection to the logistics process when unhindered. The laser scanners and the burglar alarm system work together to provide extremely reliable protection for both the goods and the necessary logistics processes without impairing these in the process.


The most important requirements

LMSHigh requirements are placed on the sensors with regard to the availability and the false alarm rate. Customers demand as low a false alarm rate as possible. Reducing false alarms and increasing the alarm notification quality are of top priority. If there are too many false alarms, it reduces the acceptance of the security system and burdens security personnel to an unnecessary extent. The LMS must also work reliably in the event of bad weather. Ambient light conditions must not impair the performance of the sensors. It must be possible to blank out obstacles such as wall structures. Saving any surrounding contours as a reference is also a requirement. This can easily be performed by the laser scanners.


Walter_HagerWalter Hager, responsible for integrated security solutions at Siemens: To meet our customer-specific requirements in security technology, we rely on top-quality components that we integrate into our protection concept. By integrating the LMS531 Pro into our video management system and our burglar alarm system, we have been able to fulfill the incredibly high customer requirements on the protection of the logistics buildings and business premises to the fullest extent possible. I believe it's also a good choice for future projects.  


All subjects of building/premises safety and security are integrated for the distribution center.

  • Burglar alarm system
  • Access control system / time recording system
  • CCTV

  The high level of integration of the three listed security systems with one another or in connection with the laser scanners requires a deep understanding of the specific customer processes as well as knowledge of the sensor functions and their application possibility. In cooperation with SICK, the parameters necessary for the integration have been determined, implemented by both sides into the overall system, and put into operation.