Fine positioning of the y axis in the pallet storage area

Following absolute positioning of the lifting unit, relative fine positioning takes place along the y-axis by means of two laser photoelectric proximity sensors. Thanks to background suppression and an extremely small light spot, the highly reliable sensors can ensure maximum accuracy even when shelves are filled two units deep.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family W12-2 Laser
    High-performance photoelectric sensor family with laser optics
    • Best-in-class retro-reflective laser performance in a metal housing
    • Teflon® coating available
    • Precise autocollimation optics
    • Adjustable focus on retro-reflective sensors
    • High switching frequency of 2.5 kHz
    • Connection via cable or rotatable connector
    • Mounting options with through holes, blind holes, oblong holes and dovetail
    • Laser protection class 1 or 2