SOPAS Engineering Tool
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  • Newest SOPAS Engineering Tool version. This download is approximately 290 MB in size and contains the Setup.exe for installing SOPAS ET.

    It does not contain any SDDs (SOPAS Device Drivers).

    SDDs can be downloaded once SOPAS ET has been started up for the first time.

    Use the device catalog for this purpose. If the SDDs are not available on a data card, they are loaded from the Internet. This requires an Internet connection. SDDs can be downloaded selectively.

    Please note:

    • We recommend establishing a fixed wire connection to the fast Internet.
    • After the conditions for use have been accepted and the download has been initiated, select the SAVE option in the displayed window.
    • Double-click the saved Setup.exe file.
    • Then select Execute and Install.

    The engineering tool for all SICK sensors

    As soon as it starts, SOPAS ET configuration software begins searching for connected SICK sensors and displays them. Detected sensors can be selectively integrated into the project. SOPAS ET automatically establishes a connection and pulls up suitable drivers. If none are available, they are loaded from the Internet or directly from the sensor. There is no need for extensive searches and installation of drivers. Sensors are presented clearly as tiles or lists. Double-clicking on a tile opens a window for configuring the sensor. Assistants and integrated workflows provide support. Additional tools such as device comparison, data recorders, terminals as well as sensor emulators round off the range of functions. The multi-device window facilitates the handling of projects which contain many devices, thereby completely replacing Version 2.38.3. This view can only be used for devices which were not developed using JavaFX. These are mostly devices which do not follow the new UI Guideline.

    At a glance
    • Device comparison with extended functions such as value editor
    • Automatic search and detection of all connected devices
    • Device driver can be loaded from the Internet or sensor
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Modern terminal
    • Device presentation as tile, list or topology
    • One file format for projects and parameter data sets
    • Product features
      Software categoryConfiguration software
      Software typeSOPAS ET
      DescriptionSOPAS Engineering Tool. Installation of SOPAS ET only. Device software (SDD) can be downloaded after the first start of SOPAS ET.
      Supported product familiesMZT8 VIA, MZC1 VIA, MZCG VIA, GM32, GM35, ZIRKOR302, GMS800 FIDOR, GMS800, MCS300P, MERCEM300Z, DUSTHUNTER SB30, DUSTHUNTER SB50, DUSTHUNTER SB100, DUSTHUNTER SP100, DUSTHUNTER SF100, FWE200DH, DUSTHUNTER T50, DUSTHUNTER T100, DUSTHUNTER T200, DUSTHUNTER C200, MARSIC200, MARSIC300, MCS100FT, SMOTEC450, VICOTEC450, VICOTEC320, VISIC620, FLOWSIC100 Process, FLOWSIC100, FLOWSIC150 Carflow, FLOWSIC200, FLOWSIC100 Flare, SIG100, GLS6, OLM100, OLM100 Hi, OLM200, ICR System, AOS LiDAR, VFS60, Lector62x, Lector63x, Lector64x, Lector65x, CLV60x, CLV61x, CLV61x Dual Port, CLV62x, CLV63x, CLV64x, CLV65x, CLV69x, RFH5xx, RFU61x, RFU62x, RFU63x, Inspector, TriSpector1000, OD1000, Dx50-2, Dx100, Dx1000, UD18, TiM3xx, TiM5xx, TiM7xx, LMS1xx, LMS4xx, LMS5xx, LD-OEM, LD-LRS, NAV2xx, NAV3xx, DistanceGuard, RMS1000, W2S-2, W2SG-2, W4-3, W4S-3, W4S-3 Glass, W4SL-3, W4S-3 Inox, W4S-3 Inox Glass, W4S-3 Inox Hygiene, W4S-3 Inox Hygiene Glass, W12-3, W12G, W18-3, W27-3, DeltaPac, MLG-2, MLG-2 WebChecker, Glare, ML20, SIG200, ICR89x System, DFS60, DFS2x, AHS/AHM36, AFS/AFM60 SSI, AFS/AFM60 Inox, EcoLine, HighLine, DFV60, MWS120, SPEETEC 1D, RFH6xx, UM30, UM18, UC30, UC4, LD-MRS, FTMg, L25, L26, Product, system, and software training, Technology training
      Supported product groupsMiniature photoelectric sensors, Small photoelectric sensors, Compact photoelectric sensors, MultiTask photoelectric sensors, Sensors for T-slot cylinders, Sensors for C-slot cylinders, Measuring automation light grids, Glare sensors, Pattern sensors, In-situ gas analyzers, Extractive gas analyzers, Scattered light dust measuring devices, Transmittance dust measuring devices, CEMS solutions, Tunnel Sensors, Visual range measuring devices, Gas flow measuring instruments, Sensor Integration Gateway, Line guidance and grid localization, Linear measurement sensors, Track and trace systems, Object detection systems, Incremental encoders, Absolute encoders, Wire draw encoders, Measuring wheel encoders, Motor feedback systems rotary incremental, Laser surface motion sensors, Image-based code readers, Fixed mount bar code scanners, RFID, 2D machine vision, 3D machine vision, Displacement measurement sensors, Mid range distance sensors, Long range distance sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, 2D LiDAR sensors, 3D LiDAR sensors, Radar sensors, Flow sensors, Single-beam photoelectric safety switches, Training and education
      Supported product segmentsPhotoelectric sensors, Magnetic cylinder sensors, Automation light grids, Glare sensors, Pattern sensors, Gas Analyzers, Dust Measuring Devices, Analyzer solutions, Traffic sensors, Flow measurement technology, Integration products, Localization and positioning solutions, System solutions, Encoders, Motor feedback systems, Non-contact motion sensors, Identification solutions, Machine vision, Distance sensors, Detection and ranging solutions, Fluid sensors, Opto-electronic protective devices, SICK LifeTime Services
    • System requirements
      Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit)
      Required disk space450 MB, Required disk space
      MonitorMin. 256 colors – 65,536 colors recommended (16-bit high color)
      ProcessorMin. Pentium 1 GHz or higher
      Frequency and RAM1 GB RAM
      Minimum resolution1,024 px x 768 px
      InterfaceHardware communication channels such as serial interfaces, USB or Ethernet, depending on the SICK device
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