Solutions for robots from FANUC

By its own account, FANUC, with its over 100 models, offers the world’s largest assortment of robots for a wide range of applications and industries. Thanks to options specific to the application, FANUC industrial robots are flexible to use, easy to integrate and intuitive to operate. FANUC robots are designed for payloads of up to 2.3 t and scanning ranges up to 4.7 m for demanding automation solutions.

In close collaboration with FANUC, SICK has for years been developing specific sensor and system solutions that can be easily integrated into your FANUC robot.

Whether you need Robot Vision, Robot Guidance or safety solutions, SICK also offers the right solution for your FANUC robot. We help you work more productively, add value to your supply chain and remain competitive.

Sensor and software solutions for robots from FANUC

Robot guidance systems
Accurate part localization for reliable robot handling
Robot guidance systems
Easy to use and flexible part localization sensor system

Safe Robotics Area Protection safety system: sBot Speed CIP

For FANUC robot controller: R-30iB Plus


Success stories with FANUC robots and SICK

Robot guidance systems
Flexible part localization for bin picking and depalletizing
SICK AppSpace
Conveyor belt picking made simple in all dimensions
3D Belt Pick

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