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SICK DynamicDataDisplay

Your Benefits

  • Create dashboards quickly and intuitively – with zero programming effort
  • Allows custom design, visualization, and analysis of production-related KPIs
  • Easy integration of SICK sensors via SICK LiveConnect
  • Manufacturer independent – integrate any data source via a REST API/web socket or MQTT interface
  • Cloud-based solution – allows data access anywhere, anytime


Use SICK DynamicDataDisplay to visualize individually compiled data quickly and intuitively. Create your own dashboard using various drag & drop widgets with zero programming effort – quickly and intuitively. This enables you to achieve higher transparency for your data from multiple sources, such as LiveConnect and FieldEcho® or in a completely manufacturer-independent way via REST API, websockets or MQTT, in just a few steps. Thanks to the cloud-based access, you can record your data from any location thereby giving you an overview of your production in no time. Your data visualization is accessible from anywhere and optimized for mobile devices – with no software installation required.

At a glance
  • Large selection of drag & drop widgets and components
  • Share dashboards with other users in your organization
  • Integration of data sources via SICK LiveConnect, REST API/websocket and MQTT
  • Grid for easy alignment of components and widgets
  • Responsive design – automatic adjustment of the display to the screen size

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