Digital Services for Integration
SICK AssetHub

Your Benefits

  • Complete transparency of all your assets
  • Ensure the efficiency and productivity of your company
  • All asset-related data can be found easily in one place
  • Manage devices regardless of manufacturer
  • Any system or factory, any type of machine, production facility, industrial plant or operating facility can be mapped
  • Easy device registration via smartphone app or web front-end


SICK AssetHub is a digital service which can be used to manage the digital twins of all devices or systems of a company, regardless of the manufacturer. The digital service enables an interactive overview of these assets, creating transparency. It also provides important information and documents throughout the life cycle of all assets. The clear tree structure of the technical locations makes management simple. SICK AssetHub provides the necessary foundation for any I4.0 strategy and is a flexible basis which can be extended with modules. It can be used for other asset-centered digital services from SICK, such as SICK LiveConnect, SICK Monitoring Box or SICK ServiceModule. SICK AssetHub is an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system and is part of IntegrationSpace®.

At a glance
  • Simple generation of digital twins
  • Technical locations in clear tree structures
  • Each type of asset can be illustrated with different structural elements
  • Rights management for collaborative work
  • Additional information available for all SICK devices
  • History and transparency of digital interactions


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview




    Supported productsAll, regardless of the manufacturer
    Supported end devicesTablet, PC
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product