SICK AppSpace software

Software for creating and managing tailor-made application solutions

The SICK AppSpace eco-system contains two software tools. SICK AppStudio is used for developing sensor apps on programmable sensors and Sensor Integration Machines (SIM). SICK AppManager supports service technicians in the field in the simple implementation and management of sensor apps.

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Product family SICK AppStudio
By developers for developers
  • Overview illustration of input windows and status information
  • AppExplorer for displaying and managing sensor app components
  • Graphical Flow Editor for block programming
  • AppMonitor for visualizing system performance and usage
  • ViewBuilder for easily creating a web GUI
  • Convenient debugger with visualization in the form of 2D and 3D images
  • Recording and playback of data streams for optimization of sensor apps
Product family SICK AppManager
Installation and management of sensor apps
  • Clear display in three windows: connected programmable devices, currently loaded sensor apps and firmware versions and newly available sensor apps and firmware packages
  • Optional connection to the SICK AppPool for up- and downloading sensor apps
  • Simultaneous installation of several programmable devices possible
  • Back-up function for securing installed sensor apps
  • SD card cloning for easy and safe transfer of sensor apps to identical programmable devices from SICK

Result 1 - 2 out of 2