Verification and Optimization

Your Benefits

  • Safety is determined and corresponding documentation is provided in the inspection report as proof that the legal obligation for testing has been fulfilled
  • High testing quality through certification and periodic inspection in accordance with IEC 17020 is carried out by independent bodies and with on-going competency management
  • Quick identification of the safety status or the period of validity by means of inspection seals
  • Safety is ensured due to early detection of changes to application conditions and manipulations
  • High machine reliability due to periodic checking and, if necessary, removal of contamination or readjustment
  • Automatic reminder of required testing periods within the framework of the service contracts to ensure equipment is working properly


Ensuring the safety of machines and systems is not only the responsibility of the manufacturer, but also machine and system owners, who are obliged to provide safe work equipment. The experts at SICK use their knowledge and experience to support the operating company in this regard. Inspecting the machine or system before it is commissioned ensures that it has been mounted properly and the safety-related equipment is functioning safely, and that these steps have been completed and documented accordingly. The following periodic inspections check the operation of the protective devices according to current machine usage and in accordance with the legally required testing periods. This means that countermeasures can be introduced in a timely manner. To ensure a consistently high level of testing quality, SICK experts are certified and are reviewed on a regular basis.

At a glance
  • Evaluation of the optical protective devices to ensure they have been installed correctly and according to the specification
  • Inspection of whether the protective device is operating according to machine usage
  • Production of an inspection report and issuance of an inspection seal