Training and education
Training on standards and guidelines

Training on standards and guidelines - knowing and understanding

Your Benefits

  • Teaching of the current state of legal and regulatory requirements for machine, process and environmental safety for legally-compliant action
  • Step-by-step development for experts for your legal certainty
  • Getting to know measures as well as their selection and application for complying with standards and guidelines in your working environment
  • Understanding the requirements with practical examples and interactive learning methods, taught by experts


Training on standards and guidelines - knowing and understanding

Legal certainty is an important topic for manufacturers, operators and integrators of industrial machines and plants. To protect persons and the environment, different standards and regulations exist worldwide, for example Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC in Europe, standard ANSI B11.19 in North American and NR12 in Brazil for the field of machine safety. Or the international MARPOL Convention for environmental pollution from ships. The knowledge needed for this is provided by our worldwide experts. SICK offers trainings on-site for the regionally valid standards and regulations.

At a glance
  • Web-based trainings and presence trainings
  • Proof of qualification after successful participation
  • In-house and customer-specific trainings are possible
  • Comprehensive training material