Smart services
Predictive maintenance

Your Benefits

  • Unplanned machine failures and therefore downtimes are prevented
  • Enables very good planning of maintenance schedules and service work
  • Increases productivity and machine performance due to improved machine knowledge thanks to extended data analysis
  • Considerably reduces failure and service costs since operating staff can intervene in machine and plant processes early on and in a targeted manner
  • Reduces costs in spare parts inventory and management since the probability of device component failure is predicted in advance


Predictive maintenance from SICK makes it possible to detect and prevent machine and plant failures early on and in a proactive manner. This is done on the basis of current and already-evaluated data from which future advancement in sensor, machine and plant states can be predicted using intelligent algorithms and logic. Predictive maintenance therefore ensures regulated operational processes. Intervening in ongoing machine or plant processes is only necessary in the event of faults. Fixed maintenance schedules are therefore a thing of the past and only damaged and faulty device components need replacing. This saves money and improves operational processes.

At a glance
  • Specific prediction of the probability of occurrence of defined events
  • Algorithms which make predictions based the comparison of current and historical data
  • Notifications of future machine and plant events on various end devices
  • Integration of sensor, machine and peripheral data