Consulting and design
Machine safeguarding evaluation

Your Benefits

  • Detailed knowledge of the safety status of the machines
  • Concrete statements on the urgency of improvement measures
  • High flexibility thanks to product-neutral perspective
  • Economic, well-thought-out recommendations for reducing detected risks
  • Reduced effort when drafting safety concepts
  • Enables simple and standard-compliant implementation of the recommended protective measures for safety technology
  • Foundation for fulfilling due diligence with documented inspection of the machine
  • Guaranteed quality thanks to standardized processes and sustainable competence management


In times of ever-faster product changes, production systems are subjected to constant changes and adjustments. Machine users and safety personnel are faced with the challenge of ensuring the safety of their machines when they are modified, changed or linked.

With machine safeguarding evaluation, SICK supports system operators in this task. The service offers an overview of the current safety status of the machine and helps to determine the protective measures necessary for complying with legal requirements. Machine safeguarding evaluation by SICK is therefore the foundation for an effective and also economic protection concept for machines and plants.

At a glance
  • Identification of electrical and mechanical hazards
  • Risk assessment of identified hazards
  • Evaluation of existing protective measures
  • Recommendation of new or improvement of existing protective measures
  • Consideration of valid provisions and regulations
  • Service can be retrieved worldwide