Solutions for robots from ABB

ABB Robotics is a pioneer in the areas of robotics, machine automation, and digital services and offers innovative solutions for a multitude of industries – from the automotive industry, electronics right through to logistics. 

Collaborative robots take your operation to the next level. They operate hand in hand with humans and ensure a balanced relationship between safety requirements and the need for flexibility and productivity. Collaborative automation means more than speed and efficiency, however. The collaborative robots from ABB are equipped with a high level of safety and allow direct interaction with humans. To ensure this safety and to make high precision applications such as the handling of small parts and inspection tasks productive, SICK has been working closely with ABB for many years now so that it can also offer versatile sensor and system solutions specifically for your ABB robots. 


Sensor and software solutions for robots from ABB

Integrated solutions for the ABB ECOSYSTEM

PLOC2D-611-6RB ABB GoFa robot guidance systems

For Omnicore ABB robot controllers

Robot guidance system: Hardware and software

Solutions for robots from ABB

Robot guidance systems
Accurate part localization for reliable robot handling
Robot guidance systems
Easy to use and flexible part localization sensor system

Safe Robotics Area Protection safety system: sBot Speed 

With speed reduction for fewer downtimes

Safety system: hardware and software


Success stories

Robot guidance systems
Flexible part localization for bin picking and depalletizing
SICK AppSpace
Conveyor belt picking made simple in all dimensions
3D Belt Pick

Safe Robotics Area Protection safety system: sBot Stop 

The simple solution for immediate automatic restart

Safety system: hardware and software

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