Sensor solutions for mobile platforms: Navigation and positioning

Mobile platforms are moving automatically or autonomously between different points in the production or logistics environment. To make sure that they find their way diverse sensor solutions for navigation and positioning are necessary, which serve to localize and navigate mobile platforms.




Motion Control

Sensors and solutions for controlling and navigating all kinds of motions of mobile platforms. The solutions range from encoders, e.g. for odometry tasks, through inclination sensors, to motor feedback systems.

Incremental encoders

Absolute encoders

Safety encoders

Motor feedback systems rotary HIPERFACE DSL®

Inclination sensors

Safety controllers Flexi Soft

Line guidance icon

Line guidance

Line guidance is a simple, inexpensive and common way of navigating mobile platforms. A sensor detects and tracks a pattern or line on the floor so that the mobile platform is guided within the given lane. 

Optical line guidance with OLS

Magnetic line guidance with MLS

Grid localization with GLS6


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