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Complex label inspections with high performance OCR
  • OCR, 1D, and 2D codes: reading, recognition, validation, verification
  • Additional inspections: pattern matching, edge-to-edge measurement, pixel counter, blob inspection, shape locator, print quality check
  • Easy teach-in of custom font
  • Flexible range of C-mount lens and integrated illumination
  • Web-based user interface

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Safety laser scanners are powerful devices for complex applications. With a vast number of choices in the market with regards to range, connectivity, size, and robustness, there are many variables to consider... Read on
From the first industrial revolution to the fourth, inspirational change has been driven by a willingness to embrace the unconventional and cross-traditional industry boundaries. A partnership between... Read on
Over half of the around 80 biomethane plants in the UK measure the gas volume upstream of the infeed using FLOWSIC500 units from SICK. British system integrator Thyson in particular values the trouble-free... Read on
There are times when the continuous output of just one accurate, digital measurement can transform a manufacturer’s ability to control a production process. For IKO Roofing, one of the UK’s... Read on
In every combustion process, the technology used to measure gas concentration plays an important role in securing significant and sustainable reductions in pollutant emissions. In industrial waste incineration,... Read on
  Record values for orders received, sales and R&D expenditure    Waldkirch, 19 April 2017 – All the signs were that the SICK Group would continue growing during the 2017... Read on
Waldkirch, 19 April 2018 – All the signs were that the SICK Group would continue growing during the 2017 fiscal year. Orders received exceeded those of 2016 by 10.3 percent; sales by 11.0 percent... Read on
An overview of the sites whose quality and environmental management have been certified in accordance with international standards.
Electric tugs for very heavy loads: AGVs from MasterMover are used in every kind of production and logistics environment. When it came to developing a new AGV, it was safety that was the unequivocal starting... Read on
A groundbreaking collaboration between SICK and AutoCoding Systems has resulted in the launch of the first fully-automatic smart vision inspection system for printed coding and marking on food, pharmaceutical... Read on
SICK safety has been successfully integrated into a new range of innovative robotic flexible manufacturing cells developed by Mills CNC in a myth-busting project that presents a masterclass in safety through... Read on
“A lot of potential and a step further” A step further into quantum sensor technology: In recent decades there have been many gradual improvements in sensor hardware. One could certainly not... Read on

Type: User software

Name: OC Sharp Explorer user software


Software category: Configuration software

Size: 4.58 MB

Product family: OC Sharp

OC Sharp – Thickness measurement of transparent films
OC Sharp – Thickness measurement of transparent films
Costly manual measurement of raw chipboard is a thing of the past. The SicoCam inline board measurement system from Siempelkamp Logistics & Service now measures wooden composite boards in a continuous... Read on
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Increasing product type diversity, more frequent model changeovers, quantity fluctuations: The changing market conditions call for suitable and competitive product solutions, for example precise 3D measurements... Read on
The objective of SICK: Preventing CO2 emissions and improving energy efficiency. Find out more about our climate protection strategy.
More than 400 different pressed parts form the basis of the body-in-white of a BMW 3 Series. For this purpose, at the Munich Presswerk II of the BMW Group every day sees the processing of about 600 tons... Read on
A wide range of industrial applications in nearly all industries can be covered with 3D vision sensors. While 2D vision sensors only measure the x- and y-axes of an object, 3D vision sensors are also designed... Read on
Reliably detecting transparent items in translucent pack­ages - at B. Braun, manufacturer of medical products, the Inspector I40LUT vision sensor manages what conventional image-processing solutions... Read on

Type: USB Com Port Driver

Name: USB com port driver

Version: 2.04.16

Software category: Driver

Size: 1.48 MB

Language: English

Product family: OC Sharp


Name: 9369429_00_pdf

Size: 245.33 KB

Result 1 - 24 out of 736