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Product family FLOWSIC600-XT
The perfect match
  • User-friendly product family
  • Automatic correction of pressure and temperature effects
  • Available for all operating conditions
  • PowerIn Technology™ for reliable backup operation
  • Intelligent application diagnostics with i-diagnostics™
  • Extendable with flow computers per connect-and-go
Product family FLOWSIC60
Continuous air flow measurement for mining applications
  • Continuous air flow measurement
  • Intrinsically safe with IECEx approval for zone 0 (EPL Ma)
  • Ultrasonic technology with no moving parts
  • Representative measurement across the entire width of the tunnel
  • For tunnel diameters from 0.5 m to 8.5 m
  • Stainless-steel components and cable protection tubing for a long service life in harsh environments
  • Integrated self-diagnostics
  • Analog output with error current output
Product family FLOWSIC30
Versatile ultrasonic gas flow meter for gas production
  • Reliable and continuous readings
  • Hermetically sealed full-titanium transducers
  • Loop-powered two-wire transmitter with digital HART® interface
  • Turndown ratio ≥ 80:1
  • ANSI Class 150 carbon steel meter body without welds
  • Rugged design with integrated wires
  • Smart meter diagnostics
  • Integrated temperature transmitter as a standard
Gas flow meters
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Product family FLOWSIC100
Volume flow measuring devices for continuous emission monitoring
  • Rugged titanium converters for long service life
  • Corrosion-resistant material for use with aggressive gases (option)
  • Integrated measurement via duct diameter for types H, M, and S
  • Probe version PR for cost-saving, single-sided installation in duct
  • Automated operational check with zero and reference point test
Product family FLOWSIC100 Flare
Reliable gas flow measurement in flare gas applications
  • High-resolution measurement and short response time
  • Innovative sensor design for very high gas velocities
  • Optimum signal transmission even under atmospheric pressure
  • Remote installation of the control unit up to 1,000 m away
  • Single and multiple path meter configuration, optional probe type
  • Field repeatable check procedure of factory zero flow test
  • Check cycle for automatic self-diagnosis / signal optimization
Product family FLOWSIC150 Carflow
Exhaust gas flow measurement on chassis and engine test benches up to 600 °C
  • Real-time ultrasonic exhaust gas flow measurement
  • Independent from pressure, temperature and gas composition
  • Outstanding measurement accuracy
  • For exhaust gas temperatures up to 600 °C
  • Direct measurement made in undiluted exhaust gas
  • Heated measuring section
  • Minimum backpressure
  • Small footprint, mobile, flexible process connections
Product family FLOWSIC100 Process
Reliable and precise volume flow measurement in processes
  • Corrosion-resistant transducer made of stainless steel or titanium
  • Up to 16 bar process pressure
  • Explosion-protected design for applications in zone 2 (ATEX) available
  • Hermetically sealed ultrasonic transducer
  • Measurements practically free of pressure loss and without influencing the process
  • Automated operational check with zero and reference point test
Product family FLOWSIC200
The tunnel flow velocity measuring device for long-term operation
  • Very large measuring distances possible
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Extremely rugged components made of titanium, stainless steel, or die cast
  • Versions for very corrosive tunnel atmospheres
  • Determination of flow direction
  • No mechanical moving parts
Product family FLOWSIC300
Non-custody transfer measurement and process monitoring
  • Quality components
  • Modular flexible installation
  • Non-contact ultrasonic technology without pressure loss
  • Measuring range span greater than 100 : 1
  • Sensors can be replaced under pressure
  • Low sensitivity to pulsation and pressure regulator noise
  • Remote electronics (max. 15 m)
  • Bi-directional measurement with automated diagnostics
Product family FLOWSIC500
Natural gas distribution measurement with support for standardization
  • Cutting-edge technology: ultrasound
  • Diagnostics and permanent operational check
  • Rugged and reliable due to lack of moving parts
  • Exchangeable cartridge
  • Straight inlet/outlet zone not required
  • Overload-proof
  • Optional integrated flow conversion / date registration
  • Battery or intrinsically safe power supply
Product family FLOWSIC600
Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications
  • High efficient ultrasonic transducers
  • Direct path layout
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Compact, robust design
  • Integrated log book and data logger
  • Large measuring range 1:120
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Low power consumption: <1 W
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Flow velocity measuring devices
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Gas flow meters
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