Safety systems for robots
Safe Robotics Area Protection / sBot Speed – URCap / sBot Speed – URCap (nanoScan3 Pro I/O)

Please note: A safety system consists of optimized hardware, tested functional logic (software) and detailed documentation for easy integration in compliance with relevant standards.
With purchase, you accept the product description available under Downloads > Documentation in connection with the General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Software Products (AVB Software SICK).
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    • Features
      VariantsBot Speed – URCap
      Product typeSystem (hardware and software)
      Robot controllerUniversal Robots: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e
      Stopping process of the robotWith speed reduction
      Robot restartAutomatic
      Communication interfaceDiscrete I/Os
      Configuration interfaceEthernet
      Safe state in the event of a faultThe safety-related semiconductor outputs are in the OFF state.
      Safety laser scannersnanoScan3 Pro I/O
      Protective field range3 m
      Safety taskHazardous area protection
      Ambient operating temperature–10 °C ... +50 °C
      Storage temperature–20 °C ... +50 °C
      Air humidity90% at 50 °C (EN 61131-2)
      Voltage supply
      Supply voltage VS24 V DC (16.8 V DC ... 28.8 V DC)
      Performance levelPL d (ISO 13849-1)
      Items suppliedHardware: nanoScan3 Pro I/O safety laser scanner, mounting kit, system plug and connecting cable. Configuration tool software: nanoScan3 Tool – URCap and operating instructions for the sBot Speed – URCap safety system, Quick Start Guide, connection diagram and SISTEMA file. Not included with delivery: Ethernet extension cable must be selected separately.
    • Functions
      Initiate a safety stop
      Automated reset
      Safety-rated monitored speed
      Trigger safety-rated monitored speed
      Operating mode
      Operating mode selection (implemented in robot control)
      Enabling device - manual operating mode (implemented in robot control)
    • Classifications
      eCl@ss 5.027279090
      eCl@ss 5.1.427279090
      eCl@ss 6.027279090
      eCl@ss 6.227279090
      eCl@ss 7.027279090
      eCl@ss 8.027279090
      eCl@ss 8.127279090
      eCl@ss 9.027279090
      eCl@ss 10.027279090
      eCl@ss 11.027279090
      eCl@ss 12.027279090
      ETIM 5.0EC001449
      ETIM 6.0EC001449
      ETIM 7.0EC001449
      ETIM 8.0EC001449
      UNSPSC 16.090132151705

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