Upgrade kits for safety light curtains
Upgrade kit FGS to deTec4 Core

Your Benefits

  • Specially developed solution for the direct replacement of the proven FGS protective devices
  • Simple to install and easy to align thanks to flexible mounting brackets
  • Plug and play thanks to pre-assembled adapter
  • No new cabling required: minimal downtimes
  • Costly and unscheduled outage times avoided by taking the quick and precautionary step of converting your system
  • Also available as a service: on request, SICK will carry out the conversion work for your system on site


SICK offers a pre-assembled upgrade kit allowing the simple replacement of FGS protective devices, which is perfectly matched to the latest machine and system safety requirements.

With the upgrade kit FGS to deTec4, FGS protective devices can be replaced quickly and easily with the deTec4 successor product.

The specially designed adapter exactly fits the existing terminal compartments of the tried-and-proven FGS. This enables the new deTec4 safety light curtain to be connected directly with no additional effort. The supplied FlexFix brackets facilitate mounting and alignment.

At a glance
  • Efficient solution for the replacement of FGS protective devices
  • The latest generation of safety light curtain: deTec4
  • FlexFix brackets for simple mounting and alignment of the deTec4
  • Adapter for connecting the deTec4 to existing FGS terminal compartments
  • Mounting brackets included


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ReplacesFGS 1)
    Protective field height300 mm ... 1,800 mm
    Beam separation or resolution14 mm / 30 mm
    • 1) Without cascade, without LCU-P.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product