Columns for safety multibeam sensors
Device columns for outdoor use

Your Benefits

  • Sturdy, torsion-free device protection prevents damage and reduces costs
  • Increased productivity due to unhindered access to the system while maintaining protection


The heatable device column is used to mount M4000 multiple light beam safety devices in outdoor areas. The sender and receiver are mounted in the columns. The heater mounted on the front screen prevents the screen from fogging up and also ensures that the multiple light beam safety device remains at the operating temperature. The components have a limited level of corrosion resistance when exposed to environmental influences such as salt water. Suitable accessories such as the compensating plate and steel dowels enable the device columns to be fixed to the floor and aligned quickly.

At a glance
  • Use of heatable front screen in outdoor areas
  • Free-standing mounting solution
  • Compact, rugged design and extremely high stability
  • Easy mounting and adjustment
  • Device protection against external influences
  • Applicable for M4000 multiple light beam safety devices

Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ModelDevice columns with front screen heating for outdoor use
    Suitable forSafety multibeam sensors
    Suitable for number of beams3 / 2
    Suitable for beam separation400 mm / 500 mm
    Column height1,223 mm
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