Safety laser scanners
S3000 Anti Collision

Your Benefits

  • Increase your productivity: By using collision protection, you can simultaneously operate two vehicles in a narrow aisle
  • The large sensing range for the protective field and collision protection field allows for a high vehicle speed and therefore high productivity
  • Three functions in one device: personal protection, reliable collision protection and navigation support with field marker detection
  • High system throughput thanks to speed-dependent field set switching of up to 16 field sets
  • Quick recommissioning via configuration memory


The S3000 Anti Collision safety laser scanner ensures high throughput and high system availability in narrow aisles. With a range of 15 m, the S3000 Anti Collision features an impressive sensing range for a reliable collision protection field. This makes it possible to operate two vehicles in one narrow aisle at high speed. The device detects a reference target attached to an approaching vehicle and makes it possible to reduce the speed before a collision occurs. At the same time, the S3000 Anti Collision monitors a protective field with a range of up to 7 m for reliable detection of people.

Field set switching ensures that the appropriate field length is always monitored, based on the speed and position of the vehicle in the aisle.

At a glance
  • Collision protection of up to 15 m and person protection of up to 7 m in one device
  • Can only be used in EFI system network with modular Flexi Soft safety controller
  • Up to 16 switchable field sets
  • Configuration memory integrated in the system plug
  • Extended measurement data output via RS-422 with landmark recognition